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Limited Edition Cassis Cuvée

If we had to pick our favorite holiday indulgence, it would be all the fancy parties, of course! There’s just something so fun and memorable about getting together with the people who matter most, getting dolled up and making a toast (or several!) to the magic of the season.

It’s that lively, effervescent energy we wanted to channel for our limited edition holiday scent for 2019, Cassis Cuvée. Its vibrant inspiration started with a sparkling and iconic cocktail: the Kir Royale. Champagne, a dash of black currant liqueur, juicy berries thrown in. What’s not to love?

Cassis Cuvée’s festive concoction opens with bright bursts of pink grapefruit mingled with berry accord and mandarin. Cassis (black currant), violet and mimosa impart a rich sweetness, while warm cashmere, vanilla and white musk embody the warmth of the season.

After bottling up this mouth-watering fragrance, we knew it was worthy of packaging that is equally as festive. But rather than rely on a traditional color palette and vibe for its limited-edition packaging, we enlisted our dear friend, Seattle-based artist Judith Bigham to reimagine the spirit of the soirée.

Her take? An elegant, elevated interpretation of holiday red that’s anything but predictable. She took a deep crimson watercolor backdrop and overlaid it with her hand painted geometric lines inspired by the gilded Art Deco era. And if any decade knew how to throw the ultimate shindig, it was the Roaring ‘20s.

It’s easy to see why Cassis Cuvée is a fragrant triumph of the holiday party season. Gift it to your party hosts, mix your own scent cocktail at home by pairing it with our Prosecco fragrance, and you’ll be the toast of the town well into the new year. Cheers!