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10oz Shampoo

Carolina Summer Orchard


Juicy Peach, Apricot, Sparkling Water


Sweetgrass, Magnolia, Lily flower


Virginia Live Oak, Spanish Moss, White Musk
The Fragrance: Inspired by the tranquility and natural beauty of the historic Montage Palmetto Bluff. Sparkling water and sweetgrass notes capture the property’s coastal setting. Juicy notes of peach, bright green apple and ripe blackberry capture its orchard heritage. Moss draped oaks inspire an earthy green note, while white musk rounds out this inviting signature scent.

The Product: Our luxurious Shampoo formula provides a rich lather and gentle cleansing with clarifying citrus oils and natural moisturizers like silk amino acids, chamomile, honey and sweet almond oil.
Measurements: 6 x 2.25in. Decorative silver neck, embossed with Antica signature leaf graphic. Pump allows for easy application to cleanse and moisturize

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