A Collaboration with Artist Judith Bigham

Imagine a fall fragrance with the perfect harmony of woody, green and herbal notes. A scent that ushers in the fall season, keeps us warm and cozy through the winter, then lingers seamlessly into early spring. This was the initial inspiration behind our newest fragrance, Ironwood. The scent opens with a unique herbaceous medly of sage, ambrette seed and basil. It’s then balanced with an earthy infusion of rich sandalwood, spicy cardamom and fresh vetiver to create an unforgettable botanical story. That’s when we knew; we just had to collaborate with our dear friend, Seattle-based artist Judith Bigham on the artwork for Ironwood.

We started by walking Judy through Ironwood note by note, allowing her to immerse herself in its botanical elements to spark inspiration. She then went to work, first creating color palette samples for the packaging. From there, Judy created a stunning series of hand drawn and painted botanicals exclusively for the collection, using mediums of India ink, charcoal and watercolor. Because of our great friendship and true appreciation for Judy’s artistic prowess, the entire collaboration felt very effortless and organic. By giving Judy immense artistic freedom in this project, we knew her exquisite work would bring the essence of Ironwood to life—from the olfactory senses into the visual.

Thank you, Judy for helping us tell the story of Ironwood so beautifully!

—Susanne & Shelley

Click here to view Judith's website.