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Icy, splashy, bubbly — SHOP NEW APEROL SPRITZ

Rich, spicy, warm


A cozy accord of rich cognac, worn leather scent and earthy vanilla tobacco fragrance. A hint of rose is layered with creamy vanilla tobacco and distilled rum. An intoxicating elixir. If you like Manhattan, Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin or Sandalwood Amber, try Cask. Shop our collection of Cask candles, lotions, body wash, diffusers, and more.

Cask Collection

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320ml Diffuser Cask


16oz Hand and Body Wash Cask


16oz Body Moisturizer Cask


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10ml Travel Room Spray Cask


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10ml Room Spray Travel Trio Box


Antica Scented Card Cask


10ml Pura Fragrance Refill Cask