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About Us

It all started with two best friends and one shared vision of creating an unparalleled luxury home fragrance brand that transports the senses. Susanne Pruitt and Shelley Callaghan founded Antica Farmacista in Seattle in 2003, targeting high-end retailers and luxury hotels all over the world.

As the first brand to bring the home ambiance diffuser to the US market over a decade ago, Antica Farmacista now offers a collection of over 20 unforgettable home fragrances, extending to bath and body products for an immersive scent experience.

Today, Antica continues to define the luxury fragrance market through unique fragrance blends and a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. Whether it’s in your master suite or your entertaining spaces, we invite you to breathe in life’s best moments. Share how you create your own memorable #MyAntica scent stories in your daily life!


Shelley Callaghan

Co-Founder, Creative Director

As co-founder and Creative Director of Antica (as well as mom of two teenage boys, daughter and friend) Shelley prioritizes balance in her life. “I am blessed to have a full life… I just have to remember my dad’s advice to 'stop and smell the roses.' This helps me strike balance with my work, my family and my friends."

Shelley feels incredibly fortunate to share on a daily basis her love of fragrance and the creative process with her best friend and business partner Susanne. "We prioritize our friendship as number one and the business relationship comes second… and I think that’s how we manage to have a successful partnership."

With a background in marketing and arts, Shelley is creatively challenged with expanding the Antica fragrance categories. "We are all about creating fragrances that capture a moment in time and ultimately transport the Antica customer. I believe in the power of scent and it excites me to share the olfactory journey through beautiful scent creation and products that Susanne and I both love."

In addition to her business related creative interests, Shelley loves family time with her two sons enjoying the Pacific Northwest- skiing, boating, kiteboarding and a constant flow of lively meals for family and friends in her Seattle kitchen. Outside of her backyard, Shelley finds her oasis on the North Shore of Maui. She also loves cruising in her lavender 1960 Cadillac Eldorado.

Susanne Pruitt

Co-Founder, CFO

As co-founder and Director of Finances, Susanne Pruitt brought her extensive financial background to Antica Farmacista during its inception in 2003. Partnering with best friend Shelley Callaghan was a seamless match, blending both their passions for fragrance into a luxury brand that evokes their unique styles and personalities.

Susanne found Antica to not only be an engaging business to run, but one where she saw her personal hobbies intersect on a daily basis. "I love to cook, travel and discover wines. In all aspects of these passions, there is inspiration for fragrance and brand development."

A breast cancer survivor and mother of two boys, Susanne enjoys cycling, skiing, golfing and boating in Seattle with her friends and family. She also has a deep rooted love for Northern California, where she lived in San Francisco for many years. She considers Napa Valley her peaceful escape where she can relax and recharge her battery.

Susanne strives to live each day to the fullest and appreciate the little things. "I heard this one day and have loved it ever since... the best way to engage and energize your day is to honor the ordinary and unexceptional moments."