Behind the Scent


As Told By Shelley Callaghan

"When putting the concepts together for our new spring launch, I was drawn to the idea that our next fragrance would be emblematic of togetherness. So simple — yet so powerful. In my mind, I kept visualizing atmospheric evenings spent with good friends — the clink of glasses mid-cheers, breathless conversation, vibrant laughter, slow sipping — lit by a sunset glow as dusk changes to dark.

What scent could encompass such feelings of joy? Aperol Spritz instantly formed. Zesty, energizing, and exuberant, we fell in love with interpreting the beloved beverage into a fragrance.

Our Aperol Spritz fragrance is all the things you relish when sipping on this legendary cocktail. Icy, splashy, bubbly — a glowing fusion of orange and sweet, sparkling prosecco. To craft the scent, we actually pulled signature elements from our most popular fragrance, Prosecco.

This Spring, join us in a toast to togetherness with Aperol Spritz. Now available in home and body products, Aperol Spritz brings elegance and sparkle to all elements of your space. Cheers!"



Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Crisp Prosecco, Green Floralcy, Dash of Bitters, Madagascar Vanilla, White Musk



Instant celebration. Get swept away in the clinking of glasses, the fizz of a spritz, and the vibrant din of free-flowing conversations.