Desert Sage:
A lifelong love affair

As told by Shelley Callaghan

Like so many native Southern Californians, I grew up feeling a calling to the desert. My grandmother and grandfather had a home in the Palm Springs region, and we would spend our vacations with them. My earliest scent memories were formed there: the sharp smell of chlorine from my grandparents’ pool, the citrus blossoms of early spring, and the grounding aromas of the resilient native plants. My family moved around the country a lot, switching coasts more than once, so returning to my ‘true home’ in the desert was always a constant for me. It still is today.

As a kid, my grandfather would take me driving in his golden tan Cadillac and it always struck me how harsh, yet irresistible the desert could be. We’d hit the open road and the dramatic winds would bellow in through the car doors. The hot sun would stream slantwise through the windshield to blanket my knees. And we’d step out of the car — always a little shaky— and take in the hazy blue skies and invigorating smells of sage, rosemary, lavender, and mesquite.

My grandfather passed down to me the thrill of adventure on those dry roads and I wanted to bottle that feeling! Desert Sage captures the true scent of the land: the sun-drenched sand, the warm barren woods, and the intoxicating bloom of desert wildflowers. I like to think the fragrance carries the spell of the desert as well: the pull of possibility that has you dreaming of return.


Sage. Rosemary. Verdelli Lemon. Bergamot. Lavender. Cardamom. May Rose. Orange Blossom. Orris. Warm Sand. Sycamore Wood. Mesquite. Woodland Ash. Musk.

Behind the Scenes

On location with Desert Sage