How To

Give Your Home a Signature Scent

When you choose a fragrance for yourself, you probably give considerable thought to what you want to express with it. It needs to be representative of you, and it should be memorable. But what about your home? Choosing a signature fragrance for your home should have the same consideration given to it, as well. The best home fragrance is the one you're happiest with, but where should you start?

There are a number of factors you want to think about when choosing your home's fragrance. After all, it's what you, and anyone who visits your home, are going to associate with being in that space. Not only should it smell good, but it should be a representation of your home and what you want people to think and feel when they're there. To get started, consider the following:

The aesthetic or mood of your decor.

What do you want your house to "say" to people who visit? If you already have a specific decor or look to your home, you'll probably want a scent that goes well with it.

Farmhouse? Focus on fresh and natural scents like Bergamot, Sandalwood, or Citrus.

Bohemian? Go green and bold with this decor. Think diverse fragrances like Cedar, Spice, or Earthy.

Modern? You’re going to want fresh and floral fragrances like Lemon or Rose.

The vessel for creating the scent.

Do you want to light candles, use a diffuser, or have a plug-in? If you are concerned about an open flame while entertaining, opt for a diffuser or plug-in. But if you enjoy the warmth that candles add to your home, opt for candles. There are all kinds of ways to create your scent.

The size of your space.

Consider how large of a space you need to fragrant. It may not be a good idea to put a big, bold fragrance in a very small space. Instead, choose something lighter that won't feel overpowering when you're using it.

Individual rooms.

Do you want to have different scents in different rooms? As long as you strategically choose fragrances that are all in the same category, or that complement each other, you should be able to do that.

The fragrance category.

If you're a floral person, you probably don't want fresh, oriental, or woodsy fragrances. Choosing one that you really like is important. Use our guide to purchasing candles online to learn more about fragrance categories.

When you've settled on all of that and it's time to take your home's signature scent to the next level, you'll need to think about what you can adjust and add on for additional enjoyment and an enhanced experience. The best fragrance for your home is the one that works for you, and that can look different for everyone.

And have a little fun with it! Just like moving decor to find the perfect place, testing out colors for drapes, or trying paint colors, finding a fragrance is something you’ve got to play around with. For example, choose something subtle and then layer over it with fresh elements such as citrus, flowers, or herbs. You could start with the most popular diffuser scents, find something that really speaks to you, and then layer over it with a complimentary scent in a candle. We talk more about layering in our guide to layering fragrances.

You may also consider changing your home's scent based on the seasons. Many people pick a signature home fragrance that they can change several times per year, so what their home smells like matches what the season or climate is like outside.

If you choose a signature home scent for every season, also consider other scents for changing times, such as the best scent for home staging if you're planning to sell your home. You can do so much with home fragrances and there's no reason to limit yourself to just one scent.