Scent Your Home for the Holidays

One of the key things we get asked about the most is how to layer our different products together. Layering our different products is a great way to increase the intensity of your favorite fragrance, or combine a few of your favorites! Today, we are going to talk specifically about layering our holiday collection. (To learn more about the basics of layering, read this blog post!)

Partners in Cheer, White Spruce and Prosecco Black were created to complement each other as an elemental pairing; side by side, earthy and lifted. Read on for our favorite combinations of these two fragrances (+ a few others) throughout your home:

For the Living Room

Layer a White Spruce diffuser with Prosecco Black for a festive greeting.

For the Bar Cart

Add multiple Prosecco Black candles to create a scented ambiance of cheer.

For the Entry

A Tarmac Diffuser with a White Spruce candle adds an earthy first impression.

For the Bedroom

Prosecco Black and a Manhattan candle create a sultry, cozy ambiance.