Diffusers 101

A Guide to Using Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are an elegant, flameless way to fragrance your home. Candles and incense aren't suitable for all environments, but reed diffusers distribute fragrances safely making them ideal for homes with pets or children. Knowing how to use a reed diffuser helps you scent your home with confidence.

What is a reed diffuser?

Slender reeds or diffuser sticks sit in an attractive container of fragranced oil. The reeds wick oil up and gently release fragrance into the air. What is reed diffuser oil? We go into that in more detail below, but basically, it's any fragranced oil used with reeds in this way.

How do reed diffusers work?

Understanding how reed diffusers work helps you get the most out of them – and the best fragrance!

What is diffuser oil?

Reed diffuser oil is the fragranced oil held within the vessel that the reeds sit in. Normally, reed diffusers are made of either a combination of essential oils or a carrier oil containing essential oils.

What are reeds?

Diffuser reeds are the sticks placed into the oil. Reeds are made of a material that is usually rattan or similar, highly porous or with channels for easy absorption of the fragranced oil.

How to use a reed diffuser

Understanding how reed diffusers work helps you get the most out of them – and the best fragrance!

Reed Diffuser: How to use

• Remove the seal on the oil jar/vessel.
• Place reeds in the vessel.
• Immediately flip the reeds to break in the scent and maximize fragrance.
• Use a reed diffuser tray to prevent any spills staining.
• Place out of reach of children/pets.
• If you notice the reeds becoming dusty or clogged, change them.

Caring for your reed diffuser

Lengthen the life of your reed diffuser with our simple diffuser care tips.


What size reed diffuser should I get?

When choosing your reed diffuser size, consider the following:

Here are our reed diffuser size recommendations based on the various rooms in your home:

500ml reed diffusers
Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room

250ml reed diffusers
Bedroom, Office, or Den

100ml reed diffusers
Bathroom, Closet, or Mud Room

How big is the room?
If you are purchasing a reed diffuser for a larger space, you’ll want to go larger.

How is the airflow?
If your reed diffuser will be in a room with consistent airflow, you’ll want to go larger.

How is the foot traffic?
If the space is consistently occupied, you’ll want a larger reed diffuser to hold up to constant foot traffic.

Should I flip the reeds in my diffuser?

Yes! Flipping your reeds is the key to awakening the fragrance in your diffuser. Because reeds have the same shelf life of the diffuser, every Antica Farmacista diffuser comes with new reeds and all refills come with new reeds. We generally recommend flipping your reeds daily or weekly depending on how strong you’d like the fragrance.


How often should I change the reeds in my diffuser?

How often you change reeds in diffuser oil affects how well it works. Thankfully, changing reeds in diffusers is simple. Change diffuser reeds whenever you change the oil, but as mentioned above, if they become dirty or dusty, that's a time to change them, too.


Can I reuse my diffuser reeds?

Reusing diffuser reeds is generally no good as they eventually become clogged with oil. Using diffuser reeds from fresh is recommended.


How many reeds should I put in my diffuser?

Choose how many reeds in your diffuser by how strong you want the scent. The number of reeds in diffuser oil will increase the fragrance released into the room.


Where should I put my reed diffuser?

Considering where to put reed diffusers means thinking about the size of the diffuser and the size of the room. You wouldn't place a massive vase of roses in a tiny closet, and the same applies to diffusers. When placing your reed diffuser, ensure the surface is flat and away from the risk of knocks.

How can I make my reed diffuser smell stronger?

The reed diffuser smell strength is based on the oil strength and number of reeds. You can make reed diffusers smell stronger by flipping reeds periodically and cleaning the vessel and replacing oil completely. Antica Farmacista recommends flipping your reeds on a daily or weekly basis.


How long do reed diffusers last?

Most reed diffusers last between 2-4 months, depending on care and oil strength. Antica Farmacista reed diffusers have the following life spans:

100ml reed diffusers: 1 - 2 months
250ml reed diffusers: 2 - 3 months
320ml reed diffusers: 3 - 4 months
500ml reed diffusers: 5 - 6 months

Learn more about the life span of our reed diffusers here.


Are reed diffusers safe?

Like any fragrance, be sure you don't have any sensitivities to the ingredients before using them. Follow our guide to using reed diffusers, and they're a safe, beautiful way to fragrance any room.

Now you know how to use a reed diffuser, we invite you to explore our collection and find newfound delight in familiar spaces.