Meet the Team:


Antica Co-Owner

Where did you grow up?

I moved around quite a bit. Born in California, raised in CT, PA, and then high school in Tacoma WA.

Describe what you do at Antica Farmacista:

I am the Creative Director and Co-Owner. I conceptualize the creative direction of the brand and oversee all related aspects.

Where do you point people who are just discovering the collection for the first time?

I always start by asking “what perfume do you currently wear and what did you wear in high school?” The current perfume answer helps me narrow down scent categories. The high school scent, well that’s more of a fun fact I always love to hear. (BTW, mine was Obsession by Calvin Klein.)

What are your personal favorites?

Considering I do the creative development on all products and fragrances, this is a tough question — sort of like asking me for a favorite child. But Prosecco is a special fragrance, both as one of my earliest scent creations, and the fact that it truly appeals to so many. Desert Sage is my current favorite since it takes me back to the Palm Springs desert, a deeply personal place for my family history.

What are some passions you pursue outside of work?

Time with my family (immediate and extended) is paramount for me. Filling my kitchen while cooking and catering for those I love is my true passion. Time spent cuddled up on my sofa, poring over my vast collection of art and design books is also a favorite pastime of mine. I also love photography. As a physically active person, I also play golf, ski, and spend time in the water surfing or kiting.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Is there anyone in your life you truly admire?

I go back to my family with this question. I have so much admiration for both my mother and father as well as my two brothers. I am the person I am based on my life with all four. But my father has always been at the forefront for me. Not because he was successful, not because he overcame obstacles in his life… but HOW he lived. I watched him live from a place of empathy, kindness and love. He had a beautiful ethos and he was true to himself. He treated others with respect, patience, humor and he was always present. I'm grateful for every moment I had in his company.

“Prosecco is a special fragrance, both as one of my earliest scent creations, and the fact that it truly appeals to so many.”

Do you have any early memories that involve scent?

The pool towel closet in my grandparents' Palm Springs home. It was such a distinctive smell of sun-drenched cotton, chlorine, and sunscreen. My brother and sons still talk about that smell!

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I cut and color my own hair.

Describe your dream getaway.

A getaway for me is all about the people. I want to be surrounded by those I love: my fiancé, our extended families, and add on a few friends that feel like family. Preferably in the heat, on the saltwater, preparing local food, creating tasty cocktails, cranking music, and telling stories filled with laughter. I never tire of the Mediterranean: which appeals to this spirit. My family heritage is Greek, and our love for the local food would make a Greek island getaway pretty dreamy.

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1. Cozy You Perfume
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