Meet the Team:


Antica Co-Owner

Where did you grow up?

Atlanta, Georgia

Describe what you do at Antica Farmacista:

I help oversee the operations, financials, and sales aspects of the business. I focus on making strategic decisions regarding warehousing, shipping, product margins, cost of goods, and sales channels.

Where do you point people who are just discovering the collection for the first time?

Typically I like asking a few questions first to suss out their personality and preferences between Citrus, Earthy, Floral, or Fresh. Citrus fragrances tend to be appealing to most people.

What are your personal favorites?

I tend to like the spicy, woody, and green fragrances. Cask is my absolute favorite because the leather and tobacco notes are soothing, sexy, and intoxicating. It also works well in almost every room. People always comment on the scent when they walk into my house.

What are some passions you pursue outside of work?

I am passionate about cooking, especially creating something out of nothing! After spending lots of time in Napa and several trips to the wine country in France, I have tried to educate myself about wine and would love to one day become a sommelier. For physical fitness, I love to golf, hike, cycle, and ski. I am always committed to staying healthy and fit.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

"Be scrappy and check again.” Some of our greatest achievements have happened when we have been on the brink of giving up. Get gritty and check again!

Is there anyone in your life you truly admire?

My Dad has been an inspiration to me, not only with his constant love and support but his entrepreneurial spirit. Bob Smith was a self-made man that started his own insurance and real estate company by the time he was 28 years old. He was both scrappy and ambitious with his distinctive concepts. This influence encouraged me to start my own business in the financial industry at a young age. He taught me how to be independent and resourceful, which are traits that I have tried to pass on to my own two sons as well. My Dad had an impact on both generations.

“My Dad has been an inspiration to me, not only with his constant love and support but his entrepreneurial spirit.”

Do you have any early memories that involve scent?

My earliest memory of scent is from playing golf with my Dad, walking on the course in the morning and smelling fresh cut grass. This memory is why I am drawn to our earthy fragrances.

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I have always been passionate about singing and I’ve been taking voice lessons for the past year with hopes of singing in a local band!

Describe your dream getaway.

My favorite getaway is Napa, California. It has been my escape for many years after living in the Bay area. The green, lush, wide-open spaces are calming, and with my passion for wine and cooking, I always learn something new.

What Antica products are in your cart right now?

1. Cask Reed Diffuser
2. Desert Sage Candle
3. Lemon Verbena Bubble Bath
Wave Hand & Body Wash

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