Candle Care 101

A Guide to Caring for Candles

Candles, like people, do so much better when you care for them properly! A gorgeous candle can change the whole vibe of a room. Candle care instructions maximize ingredients and allow candle fragrances to flow around your home. We explore basics from lighting a candle to making a candle burn evenly so you can enjoy fine candles for longer.

Candle Care 101: Preparing Your Candle for its First Burn

How to center your wick

Lift the wick straight and ensure it’s as central as possible. If the wick drifts during burning, centering the candle wick by moving it while the wax is still soft – but not hot. Why center the wick on a candle? Because it promotes an even, clean burn.

How to trim your wick

Why trim candle wicks at all? Trimming a candle prevents sooty wick debris, so knowing how to trim a candle wick is the skill for keeping your candles burning for longer. When trimming candle wick, you want at least ¼ of an inch left. Use a wick trimmer or sharp scissors to do this.

Clean Debris from Candle

Cleaning candle debris prevents unpleasant smells caused by burning dust particles. Dust can usually be picked off with your fingers without causing damage to the candle.

Burning Your Candle – The Right Way

How to light a candle

It’s finally time to light a candle! Knowing how to light a new candle becomes simpler by learning how to use a candle lighter. Candle lighters are long, thin, and allow you to reach wicks in any candle holder.

Lighting a candle involves lighting your candle lighter, touching it to the wick, then moving it away as soon as a small flame develops.

How to make a candle burn evenly

Knowing how to burn a candle evenly keeps your candles looking fabulous for longer. Burning a candle evenly means:

• Don’t tip it while burning
• Avoid placing it in drafts
• Ensure surfaces are flat
• Burn your candle for 2-3 hours max

When you burn candles evenly, you get a better fragrance throw.

How to make a candle smell stronger

Many people wonder how to make candles smell stronger. You can increase candle smell by:

• Raising candles so fragrance doesn’t just spread around the bottom of the room
• Having a low-speed fan at the opposite side of the room – this won’t disturb the flame but will distribute the fragrance
• Ensuring candles are extinguished properly

Candle Care and Maintenance

How long should you burn a candle?

How long can a candle burn? In theory, you can burn a candle for how long it says on the packaging. Ideally, burn your candle for 2-3 hours, and extinguish it when you leave the room.

How to clean my candle after burning

Figuring out how to clean a candle that’s got sooty or has dust trapped in it saves a lot of candles from being thrown away. You can wipe a candle with a warm, dust-free cloth, or simply remove dust and debris by hand.

Candle care tips

Our candle care instructions will help you make the most of your candles for many burns to come. You can also try:

• Caring for candles you’re not using by repackaging them and putting them in a clean cupboard
• Dusting or wiping candle holders
• Burn fragranced candles within a year of purchase to prevent fragrances from fading

Now you know how to care for candles properly. All you have to do is pick out your favorite colors and fragrances to decorate your home in light and aroma.

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