All About Candles

We reach for candles on many occasions, they set the mood, fragrance the space and generally make us feel warm & cozy. So what goes into the creation of the perfect candle? We’ve done our research and with 15 years of experience under our belts, we’ve developed our most ideal wax combination…

Our formula incorporates a variety of waxes-- we chose Paraffin wax as our base and blended it with a Soy wax to create a clean burning candle that offers optimal fragrance throw. Matched with our 100% natural cotton wicks and gorgeous white hexagonal glass vessels, our candles provide an elegant design and superb burn.

Our number one tip for the longevity of your candle? Trim your wicks! We religiously trim our wicks to ¼” with our new wick trimmer and we never burn our candles for more than 2 hours at a time. Be sure to place your candle in safe spot without too much traffic, the more air flow near your candle, the more likely it is to burn unevenly. If you find the top becomes sooty, we recommend wiping it with a clean cloth.

We hope you love our candle collection as much as we do — share your favorite way to style our Antica candles with us on social media with the tag, #WHEREMYANTICALIVES. Looking forward to seeing your personal styling!