Bedeck Your Bar Cart

In the past we might’ve gone to our favorite dimly-lit bar in search of a perfect Old Fashioned, but also for the experience poured with our drink. For the bright wafts of lemons and limes peeled into twists, the fragrant muddling of ice and herbs, sugar and spice, and the electric atmosphere uncorked along with a bottle of bubbly. Cocktailing is not just about the savoring of delicious drinks, but to immerse in the very pleasures of a storied sensory ambiance.

Recreating this environment for a home bar is about focusing on storytelling. Just as we select glassware with a certain curve or delicate etching, and our bar tools for all their modern angles, the objects nestled into our bar carts amplify the scene we are curating. Light a candle next to the ice bucket that not only lends a flicker but also throws an indulgent scent of occasion. Have an elegant reed diffuser constantly humming with scent in the background like the lovely murmur of your favorite crooner. Bring in aromas that are comforting and mood elevating and appetite-whetting and you will feel transported.

Here are our favorite sensory complements to your home bar:


If you gravitate to the sherried charm or the smoky flavors of the ‘brown and boozy,’ this scent evokes the spice, the leather, and the vanilla softness of your favorite neat drink. Rich, indulgent and warming, whether you’re transported to a whiskey tasting room or nestled in your favorite chair.

Vanilla, Bourbon and Mandarin

The way this scent engages with a grown-up vanilla sweetness echoes the complexity of an expert cocktail: playing with dry and juicy, bitter and fresh, warm and crisp. Light up all your sensory receptors.


Beloved for its three-part harmony, the Manhattan is an icon of a cocktail. Our scent is an homage to this classy tipple, where we amp up the brandied cherry garnish amidst herbal vetiver, rich cognac, and zesty satsuma mandarin.

Prosecco Black

Create the olfactory equivalent of glasses clinking. Prosecco Black fills any space with nectary fizziness we so often associate with occasion. It might not be everyday you can uncork a bottle, but a reed diffuser nestled amidst your bar cart amplifies a celebratory mood for a party of whatever size. Never overpowering but always delighting.


Whether you are a devoted Gin drinker, or if a focus on botanicals and herbs in amaros suit your fancy. Having the scent of the garden’s bounty—so often showcased in distilled drinks and muddled elixirs—burning near your barcart is utterly inspired.