Introducing our new

Fine Fragrance Collection

Introducing the release of Antica Facets: our first Personal Perfume Collection. Five scents that showcase the artistry of our nearly two decades long commitment to fine fragrance. We set out to create a collection that is unconcerned with traditional “scent matching” in categories that feel stale. Instead, we focused on how individuals move through their lives. Facets is composed of five distinct moods that encompass the vision we hold for our customers: complex, multifaceted, and fluid. Reach for different Facets to enhance a feeling, or slip into a new one.


Cozy You

Weightless, angora-soft and as easy to wear as your favorite feather- light tee. Cozy You hums warmly with white musk and a touch of gauzy floralcy. This scent is all about lo-fi, lending an anticipated sensory closeness for all the moments you have to yourself. That which you want to burrow in on a quiet Saturday morning at home. This is an enhancer for down time, reading time, a quiet walk, playing or listening to music; any connection that doesn’t need too many words. The scent that meets your sense of calm, restoration and comfort in your own skin.

Fragrance Notes
Creamy White Musk, Amber, White Florals,
Heliotrope, Ripe Peach, Tonka Bean,
Cashmeran, Vanilla, Sandalwood


Happy Hour

Citrus, blossom, windy. Shimmering sun, the flush of youth and a swell of energy. Sun heated skin, with a backdrop of tuberose enveloped by palm trees, heady tropical blooms, and enticing fruits. Too cool water that suddenly is just the right temperature, the prismatic reflections rippling with an invitation. A sparkling floral scent with the texture of sandy skin and salty hair. This is immersive and full of adventure, throw on and go.

Fragrance Notes
Tuberose, Yuzu, Coconut, Ylang Ylang,
Green Mango, Lime Zest, Grapefruit,
Lychee, Warm Sand Accord


Green Green

Botanical. Vibrant and alive. Wander through an alpine forest, woody resinous and herbal. Dry cedar, cypress and earthy oakmoss are met with a cleansing citrus elixir of clementine, lemon and grapefruit. This is your surge of energy when you treat your body virtuously, seek clarity and embody strength. Wellness in a bottle; scented and centered invigoration.

Fragrance Notes
Alpine Herbs, Orange Leaf, Cypress,
Elemi, Black Tea, Chamomile, Juniper,
Earthy Oakmoss, Cumin, Basil


Sun Kissed

Optimism and zest. Juicy, sweet and natural. Strength that soars, sparkles and strides ahead. Deftly navigating winding roads in a vintage convertible, citrus groves on either side. Alternating sun and cool shade as you weave in between streams of dappled sunlight. Bright wafts of orange blossom and honeysuckle vines impart their alluring welcome. There is time for everything. The scent you put on to feel powerful and effervescent; an intangible punctuation mark.

Fragrance Notes
Neroli, Honeysuckle, Jasmine Sambac,
Verbena, Clementine, Meyer Lemon,
Green Leaves, Morning Dew, Champaca


After Hours

Deep, sultry and big. For when you want to dissolve into a dancing heat, swirl and merge with a scene, exuding power and confidence. An olfactive leather jacket and heels, deep blackberry and opulent amber and papery tobacco. Mica flecks shimmering; a staircase to a door pulsing with music. The pure release of being a bit bolder. A true original. Leave a sensory imprint like no one else.

Fragrance Notes
Blackberry, Cocoa, Tobacco, Davana,
Black Rose, Single Malt Bourbon, Cognac, Oud,
Leather, Creme-Brulee Vanilla, Amber