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9oz Candle

Gardens of Bel-Air

Top: Lemon, Bitter Orange Leaf
Mid: Neroli, Jasmine, Apricot
Base: Madagascar Vanilla, Sheer Marine Musk

The Fragrance: Introducing The Gardens of Bel-Air, a breathtaking fragrance that captures the magnificence of the Hotel Bel-Air. Fresh, bright notes of lemon, neroli and jasmine are accented by the sparkling notes of bitter orange leaf. A complex woody accord blends with subtle marine musk, evoking the fragrant splendor of Hotel Bel-Air.

The Product: Our signature soft white hexagonal glass, filled with our soy-paraffin wax blend, results in 60 hours of beautifully scented illumination. Each decorative box includes a set of Antica's signature matches.

Provides approximately 60 hours of scented illumination. Antica's signature matches are included with every candle.

Warning: Enjoy your candle responsibly. Do not leave your candle unattended. For best results, trim wick after each use. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Place on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable materials and away from drafts.

(9oz / 255g)

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